Thursday, February 19, 2009

professional pics

Last saturday we went and got professional pictures of Shaun and Samantha.
Shaun wasn't feeling great and wasn't very cooperative so we only got one nice one of him.

Samantha however seems to light up for the camera she was such a little sweet heart I can't even pick a favorite, here are a few cute ones.

We actually went to get a picture of the two of them together. This one with them both playing not looking at the camera is my favorite.

I wanted one of Shaun and Samantha to go on my wall with this cute picture of Shayla and Dylan I have always thought this was the funnest picture of them.


Kami said...

Cute! Seems like Shaun definately takes after Brandon, busy busy busy. Sam sure is a sweetheart though.

Jenny said...

So sweet! Yeah, Welsey wasn't feeling so hot the last time we got pictures too. It seems like at least one of my kids has either a cut or bruise or rash or something of their face or is sick or just plain tired so getting pictures is tough. Your pics turned out way cute though. We miss you guys!

Jenny said...

By the way I tag you with lists of eight of you want. You post and copy it from my blog if you want to do it. Love ya!

Marilyn said...

Very cute pics. Your kids are beautiful. Have fun at the baptism today.