Monday, November 24, 2008

Samantha's Blessing

Here is Samantha Grace on her blessing day, these were actually done Sept. 28, but we couldn't find our camera so I had my dad take the pics and I just got them on my computer. The first one is my favorite.

She was such a sweetie everyone wanted to hold her and she just smiled and waited for everything, not even getting mad that the luncheon delayed her meal.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When they're Quiet!

A little while ago Brandon and I were putting in a new pergo floor and Shaun just kept helping a little to much, so I decided he should go play in his room. He was really good and just quietly played, or so I thought. About half an hour later I went to check on him. As soon as I opened the door an unusally smell hit me and then I saw him. He had found a basically new jar of Cow Salve and put if all over himself. I just started laughing, I figured that was better than crying when I took in the whole mess I had to clean up.

His hair and head took the brunt of it, but his clothes were ruined. And the carpet, walls and toys were not spared. Here are some pictures of his adventures with the Bag Balm, Cow Salve. We washed his hair 8 times that night and he still looked like a greaser the next day, then my parents told me to rub sand in his hair. That cut the grease, but it took about five more washes to get all the sand out. Oh, kids and the things they do. :)